3 Ways to Use Backdrop Stock for your Business

Background stock photos backdrop business design

1. Easily design quotes with our favorite apps Over & A Design Kit . We've found that quotes travel best on Pinterest! Get your content out there. In 5 minutes or less you can create quotes like this:

don't quit inspirational quote background stock photo

We also love Canva, but the interface is much easier to use on a desktop. Here’s a quote we created with Canva:

work party jaclyn johnson quote background stock photo

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2. Our social sized images make the perfect phone wallpaper and templates. This is a great way to serve your audience. Here's some rad wallpaper that Margo&Bert designed for us:

out hustle inspirational quote design background stock photos

3. Did you know that every blog post should have at least 2 cover photos to pin on Pinterest? We’ve used our freebies to create these pin covers and make our content pop. Here’s an example:

background stock photos backdrop

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