Featured Designer: Emy Design

Meet Emy D Design. Emy describes her design vibe as “magical, vintage and hued.” We love her colorful and playful aesthetic and think you will too. Thanks for interviewing with us, Emy!

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What’s your design specialty? I’m really clean about my font designs and placement. A design doesn’t have to be black and white to be clean!

What inspires your work? I have a love for old vintage designs. It helps that I live in an old small town and get to see the old building signage, storefronts, etc. I also like going to vintage stores and seeing retro graphics on old tees or old food/beverage packaging.

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Current favorite typeface? ‘Gorgeous Girls’ & ‘Cherry Kisses’ on dafont.com

Check out how Emy used Backdrop Stock on her website!

Favorite can’t-live-without design program? Adobe Illustrator hands down, for-eva-eva.

What new skill are you working on that you’re excited about? I’m taking courses, listening to podcasts, reading books - all about attracting the right clients, doing your best work, charging the right prices, etc.

What’s something you want to improve on? Shutting my computer and coming back to things more often… to find things in rough drafts that I may want to change and result in even better designs in the end.

What keeps you going? My hubby and baby boy. I do what I do because I absolutely love it, but what drives me is the fact that I want to create an amazing, limitless future for us.

Thank you for sharing Emy! We learned so much from you.

Want to see more from Emy? Visit @emyddesign and www.emyddesign.com

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