Featured Designer: Kinz Co World

This week we're featuring Kinz Co World. She describes her aesthetic as "extra as freak," so we're basically related. Kinz is one of the first designers we ever hired to design on our stock and she blew our minds. The girl is TALENTED and a business guru. Enjoy!

graphic designer kinz co world interview

What's your design vibe in three words? Extra as freak, but in, like, a cool minimal way. I usually design something crazy and then pare it down to just the necessities.

What would you say your design specialty is? Branding!! And reading people's minds lol. My strong intuition really helps when people have no idea what they want. I can usually get it spot on. :)

authenticity graphic design

What inspires your work? Everything! Music! Flowers! Fashion! Traveling! The more safe I feel to be authentic and true to my vibe, the easier it is for me to unleash total creativity. I'm definitely that person who can't design with anyone watching!

Did you go to school or are you self-taught? Self taught, baby! Very anti school. I learn something new literally every day and school to me is a waste of money and doesn't teach people to continue learning and growing. I'm glad my mom taught me a love of learning from a young age!

What program do you use the most for your work? Google! Haha, jk jk. Illustrator is my love!! But I do google so many questions all the time. It's my side hoe.

 Trust your intuition quote Kinz Co

What keeps you going? Thinking about helping other women start businesses that they love as much as I love mine! That's why I love branding so much more than other design work. It's a whole vibe, not just a design.

What new skill are you working on that you're excited about? Becoming certified in hypnotherapy and NLP!

What's something you want to improve on? Procrastination. Ugh. But as I'm answering these questions I'm actually procrastinating a big, important project so I'm obviously not working THAT hard at it hahaha.

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Thanks for sharing Kinz! We love you and appreciate you sharing.

Want to learn more from Kinz? Visit @kinzcoworld and kinzcoworld.com

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