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what is it?

We believe that a good backdrop will make you pause and ask, “What IS that?” Abstract enough to showcase your design. Helping you break through the noise.

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Backdrop Stock was created for publishers, agencies, freelancers, designers, advertisers, and content creators. Our photos elevate websites, marketing, and product design.


[ellie + evalyn]
we dreamed up this thing.

We started as a photographer and stylist team, using backdrops in commercial photoshoots. Surprisingly the backdrops stood on their own. We began to circulate them amongst our designer friends and the excitement about them was contagious. The response was always, “Yes! More of this.”

Now we see the whole world as a potential backdrop.


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you + us

If you aren’t seeing what you need in the stock shop, please get in touch via the custom page. We’re here to help.

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We know, so 2010.

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