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what is it?

Knowing that there’s a lot of stock photography out there we chose to specialize in backgrounds. We have thousands of backgrounds that give you options to set your designs apart. Backdrop is a highly curated library of high-resolution stock photo backgrounds. Some of our most popular Backdrops are textures and textiles.

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As a small business, we know that you are selective about the tools you choose to build your business. We at Backdrop work hard to provide an exceptional resource to add to your toolkit. 

Our boutique collection of Backdrops were created for designers, businesses, and you. Our customers have used us as a resource for fine art, social media, business promotion, marketing, branding, graphic and web design.

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connecting you and our creators

One of the most gratifying parts of our business is building relationships with the art community. We’ve searched the globe for artists and photographers whose work would make unique backgrounds. By supporting Backdrop, you support these individual artists.

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behind the scenes

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we dreamed up this thing.

We started as a photographer and stylist team, using Backdrops in commercial photoshoots. Surprisingly the Backdrops stood on their own. We began to circulate them amongst our designer friends and the excitement was contagious. Now we see the whole world as a potential Backdrop.

Oh, and yes, we ARE a mother-daughter team. You guessed that right. And we still really like each other.

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If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’d love your feedback. Client feedback is one of the primary drivers behind our new collections.