[ellie cox]
photographer & creative director

I am an artist with a love of color, light, and pushing boundaries. I learned that objects tell stories and that I’m the narrator. So I’ll buy oranges at the grocery store packaged in colored netting and think, what can I do with this? Can I create shadows? Interesting texture? What would this look like if I photographed it flooded in natural light?

What I want you to say when you see our stock photos is, “What is that?” Or, “How did they do that?” I want you to be curious, because curiosity inspires creativity. Take these photos, make magic, and amaze yourself. That’s how I’ll know we’ve done our job.


[evalyn coleman]
the stylist

With a background in fashion merchandising and interior design, I’ve spent my life collecting beautiful things and arranging them in unexpected ways. 

It’s no surprise that the role of creative is a natural fit. My earliest memories in our small, three bedroom, 1920’s farmhouse all take place with a backdrop of original art floor to ceiling. I was raised by the iconic artist, Elinor Peace Bailey, Queen of the unexpected. Styling has been a way for me to channel a lifetime of creative memories.


[color + light]
keep it simple.

Less is more when it comes to styling. We believe making photos pop with color, interesting light, and modern lines.

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[more than just stock]
you + me

I love working one on one with clients. If you aren’t seeing what you need in the stock shop please check out the custom page and get in touch.

recent work

[the blog]
I know, so 2010.

On the blog you’ll find recent work, different ways to use Ellie Cox Stock, hot tips, and hot takes.